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Inside Our Glamping Domes

Immerse Yourself in the Comfort and Elegance of Our Glamping Domes

Nestled in the serene Herefordshire countryside, our glamping domes offer an unparalleled blend of luxury and nature, creating the ultimate retreat from the daily grind. Each dome is meticulously designed to provide an oasis of comfort, where modern luxury meets rustic charm. Here’s what makes our domes the epitome of glamping luxury:

Glamping luxury dome

A Glimpse Inside Our Luxury Domes

Double Bed

Sleep in comfort on a luxurious double bed, complete with premium bedding that promises a restful night's sleep.

Bedside Furnishings

Elegant furnishings that combine functionality with style, ensuring your essentials are always within reach.

Table and Chairs

A cosy dining or work area, offering a scenic view of the countryside right from your dome.

Log Burner

For those cooler evenings, the log burner adds warmth and ambience, making your dome a cosy retreat.

TV, Power, & Lighting

Stay connected and comfortable with modern conveniences thoughtfully integrated into the natural setting.

Private Dome Views

Each dome features large windows offering private, breathtaking views of the Herefordshire landscape.

Hear from Our Guests

Real Experiences, Unforgettable Stays

Discover why our guests consistently rave about their luxury glamping experiences in our domes. From the attention to detail in our decor to the unsurpassed comfort and privacy, read firsthand accounts of what makes glamping with us truly special.

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FAQs About Our Glamping Domes

Our domes redefine luxury glamping with their exquisite design, superior comfort, and integration of modern amenities, all while ensuring an immersive natural experience.

Log burners add a touch of rustic elegance and warmth, making our domes a cosy haven regardless of the season, perfect for romantic evenings or simply unwinding after a day of exploration.

Absolutely. Our domes are equipped to offer comfort year-round, with insulation for colder months and ventilation for the warmer season, ensuring a pleasant stay anytime.

Yes, our domes come with TV and power sockets, allowing guests to stay connected as much or as little as they prefer, blending the escape into nature with the convenience of modern life.

While each dome features a table and chairs for dining, the fully equipped kitchenette allows guests to prepare their own meals, offering a perfect blend of convenience and luxury.

The privacy, comfort, and serene setting of our domes create a romantic backdrop unparalleled by any other accommodation, complemented by luxury amenities and breathtaking views.