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Redhill Holidays provide luxury glamping domes with hot tubs in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.


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Glamping, Giggles, and Growth: Redhill Holidays’ ‘Four In A Bed’ Experience

Introducing Redhill Holidays

In the heart of the picturesque Hereford & Worcester countryside lies a retreat that epitomises the essence of luxury glamping, Redhill Holidays. Founded by James and Fiona, this haven offers couples an exclusive escape into nature, blending the raw beauty of the outdoors with the comfort and elegance of luxury accommodation.

James and Fiona, a dynamic duo driven by a shared passion for the great outdoors and a commitment to exceptional hospitality, have transformed their vision into a reality where guests can unwind, reconnect, and create lasting memories.

The Essence of Redhill Holidays

Redhill Holidays stands out for its bespoke approach to glamping. Each dome is meticulously crafted to offer privacy, comfort, and a touch of luxury, ensuring every stay is unique and unforgettable.

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and lush landscapes, Redhill provides an idyllic backdrop for romance, adventure, and relaxation. From the moment guests arrive, they are enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquility and luxury, making Redhill Holidays the perfect getaway for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

James and Fiona’s journey to establishing Redhill Holidays is a testament to their dedication and hard work. Their story is not just about creating a glamping site but about building a destination that resonates with guests long after they’ve returned home. It’s a story of dreams realised, challenges overcome, and a constant drive to exceed expectations.

As we delve deeper into the world of Redhill Holidays, join us in exploring the journey that led James and Fiona to the spotlight on the popular UK show “Four In A Bed,” their experiences during filming, and how this unique opportunity has shaped the future of their beloved glamping retreat.

Stay tuned as we uncover the layers of their adventure, from the initial decision to participate in the show to the lasting impact it has had on Redhill Holidays. Through their eyes, we’ll gain an authentic insight into the highs and lows of competing on national television, the camaraderie formed with fellow contestants, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

Where It All Started: The Dawn of Redhill Holidays

The journey of Redhill Holidays began with a vision, a dream shared by James and Fiona to create a sanctuary where the beauty of nature meets the comfort of luxury. This dream was rooted in their love for the outdoors and a desire to offer an unparalleled glamping experience that stood out in the heart of the UK’s beautiful countryside.

The Early Days: Transforming Vision into Reality

In November 2015, the seeds of Redhill Holidays were sown. James and Fiona embarked on an ambitious project to transform a mere field into a haven of luxury glamping. The path was not easy; it required imagination, perseverance, and a deep connection with the land they were to develop. They envisioned a retreat where couples could escape the noise of the city and immerse themselves in tranquility, comfort, and intimacy with nature.

From Stable to Luxury Showers

One of the first significant transformations was turning the old stable into luxurious shower rooms. This initial step symbolised the essence of Redhill Holidays – blending rustic charm with modern luxury. The process involved meticulous planning and renovation, ensuring that every element of the glamping experience met James and Fiona’s high standards of comfort and quality.

Planting the Seeds of Beauty

Recognising the importance of the natural environment in creating a truly immersive glamping experience, they undertook the planting of 800 beech trees. This not only enhanced the beauty and privacy of the site but also contributed to the local ecosystem, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and harmony with nature.

The Launch of Redhill Holidays

After years of hard work and dedication, Redhill Holidays opened its doors to the public in October 2018, starting with two beautifully crafted pods. The launch was a proud moment for James and Fiona, marking the beginning of their dream realised. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, with guests appreciating the attention to detail, the quality of the accommodations, and the breathtaking setting.

An Idea to Generate Growth

Despite the initial success, James and Fiona knew that they needed to innovate and reach a wider audience to continue growing. They brainstormed various marketing strategies, including reaching out to celebrities for endorsements. However, their path took an unexpected turn when they were contacted by the producers of “Four In A Bed,” presenting an opportunity to showcase Redhill Holidays to a national audience.

The decision to participate in the show, while daunting, was driven by a desire to share their passion for glamping and the unique experience they had created at Redhill. It was an opportunity to highlight not just the luxury of their accommodations but the love and care that went into every aspect of Redhill Holidays.

James and Fiona’s journey from envisioning Redhill Holidays to its successful launch and the decision to enter “Four In A Bed” is a tale of passion, innovation, and resilience. It showcases their dedication to creating an exceptional glamping experience that resonates with guests, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul that makes Redhill Holidays a truly special retreat.

Introduction to “Four In A Bed”

“Four In A Bed” is a popular British television series that airs on Channel 4, known for its unique blend of competition, hospitality, and discovery. The show pits four sets of B&B, guest house, or glamping site owners against each other in a battle to be crowned the best accommodation provider, based not only on the quality of the stay but also on the value for money they offer to their guests.

The Heart of the Competition

Each week, the show follows a simple yet compelling format: four sets of accommodation owners take turns to stay with one another and pay what they consider fair for their stay, taking into account various aspects such as cleanliness, facilities, hospitality, and overall experience. The tension and intrigue come from the fact that each participant is not only a host but also a competitor, scrutinising every detail of their peers’ offerings.

The Unfolding Drama and Discovery

“Four In A Bed” is more than just a competition; it’s a journey into the diverse world of hospitality in the UK. Viewers get an insider’s look at the unique characteristics of each accommodation, from luxurious B&Bs in historic mansions to cosy inns and innovative glamping sites like Redhill Holidays. The show reveals the hard work, passion, and challenges behind running such ventures, providing a platform for owners to showcase their dedication to creating memorable experiences for their guests.

The Verdict: Payment Day

The climax of each week is the payment day, where the participants gather to reveal how much they’ve paid for their stay at each establishment. Tensions often run high as feedback is shared, payments are justified, and scores are tallied. The winner is the accommodation that receives the highest percentage of their asking price, earning not only bragging rights but also recognition for their outstanding hospitality and value.

A Platform for Growth and Exposure

For participants like James and Fiona of Redhill Holidays, “Four In A Bed” offers an invaluable opportunity for exposure to a national audience. It’s a chance to highlight the unique aspects of their glamping site, from the luxury of their domes to the beauty of their countryside setting.

Beyond the competition, the show serves as a platform for owners to share their story, their challenges, and their passion for hospitality, potentially attracting new guests inspired by their commitment and creativity.

“Four In A Bed” captivates viewers with its mix of competition, camaraderie, and discovery, shining a spotlight on the diverse and vibrant world of UK hospitality. For accommodation owners, it’s an opportunity to showcase their labour of love to a wide audience, celebrate their achievements, and perhaps even take home the coveted title.

Getting the Inside Track: Four In A Bed

As we journey through the story of Redhill Holidays and their venture into the world of “Four In A Bed,” it’s time to peel back the curtain and offer an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes. The upcoming sections will delve into a comprehensive interview with James and Fiona, providing a firsthand look at their experiences, thoughts, and the challenges they faced while participating in the show.

This inside track is not just about recounting events; it’s about sharing the heart and soul poured into Redhill Holidays, and how facing the competition on national television brought both unexpected hurdles and invaluable lessons. Stay tuned as we explore the motivations, the laughter, the tense moments, and the unscripted reality of life in front of the camera, all from the perspective of James and Fiona themselves.

The Catalyst for Entering “Four In A Bed”

Embarking on the “Four In A Bed” journey was a strategic leap for James and Fiona, aimed at propelling Redhill Holidays into the limelight. Their motivation was clear: to showcase their unique glamping experience to a wider audience without the intermediation of agencies that often come with hefty commissions.

We asked: What made you enter the show Four In A Bed?

James and Fiona’s decision to participate in “Four In A Bed” was driven by their desire to advertise Redhill Holidays more broadly. They had created a luxury glamping site tailored for couples, offering a serene escape into nature paired with unmatched comfort.

Initially, they sought to gain exposure through endorsements from top UK celebrities on social media. This approach took an unexpected turn when Studio Lambert, the production company behind “Four In A Bed,” contacted them.

Despite recognising the potential for harsh criticism on the show, James and Fiona saw it as a golden opportunity. With only two domes ready and the need to complete a third to meet the show’s requirements, they embraced the challenge, and got to work on the third glamping dome.

Interview Transcript

What made you enter the show Four In A Bed?
“We had recently set up Redhill holidays as a luxury glamping site for couples and we needed to advertise it. We knew we had an excellent offering but needed to show it to as many people as we could. We wanted to do this without using agencies who take quite large commissions. Our first idea was to message top UK celebrities offering them a free stay in return for a review on their social media site. A week later we had a call from Studio Lambert, who actually film and produce the show, Four In A Bed, for Channel 4. We proceeded to watch some episodes on catch-up and realized that guests on the show can be quite brutal!! Also, we only had 2 domes fully completed and would need a third one if we were to enter. However hard this was going to be, we had to go for it as it was a perfect stage to show off Redhill.”

The Timing of “Four In A Bed” Filming

The adventure of James and Fiona on “Four In A Bed” was a meticulously timed endeavour, with the preparation of their site, Redhill Holidays, playing a crucial role in their readiness for the show.

We asked: When was the show filmed?

The filming of “Four In A Bed” featuring Redhill Holidays took place in early September, after a period of intense preparation that saw the completion of the Bredon dome by the end of July.

This addition meant that James and Fiona had three fully prepared domes to showcase on the show, ensuring they could present the best of Redhill Holidays.

The process began with a preliminary interview conducted on-site to ascertain the suitability of both the location and the hosts for the television format. These early stages of interaction were crucial in setting the tone for their participation and were captured in pre-filmed clips that viewers would later see on TV.

The aired episode, coming out in July 2020, coincided with the easing of the first Covid lockdown, presenting a bittersweet situation where heightened interest led to a flood of bookings amidst ongoing uncertainty due to the pandemic.

Interview Transcript

When was the show filmed?
“We managed to complete the Bredon dome by the end of July, filming started on Sunday 8th September, so we were comfortable that we had three tried and tested domes for the show. It all kicked off with a preliminary interview at the domes, this ensures that the site is right for the show and that we are comfortable in front of a camera. The clips in the show where you see Fiona and I sat in the dome being interviewed, these are the clips taken beforehand, this was towards the end of July just after the Bredon pod was completed. The finished show was aired in July 2020 after the first Covid lockdown, not ideal timing for us as we were swamped with bookings, many of which had to be cancelled or moved when the second lockdown came into force.”

Meeting the Competition: The Filming Experience Unveiled

We asked: When did you meet the other owners and what was the filming process like?

The initial encounter with the other owners and the filming process was an eye-opening experience for James and Fiona, filled with unexpected protocols and practices. Their journey began on the 8th of September, at a hotel near the first filming location. To their surprise, all competing couples were accommodated separately to prevent any collaboration, a detail James and Fiona hadn’t anticipated.

Each day started early, with the crew fitting them with microphones and a Go-Pro for the car journey, capturing every moment and conversation. Instructions were relayed through a car speaker, guiding them to their destinations and through various filming sequences, including arrival shots at the venues.

Their first direct interaction with a fellow contestant was setup to ensure genuine first impressions were captured on camera, marking the beginning of a series of carefully orchestrated yet seemingly casual encounters. Lunch gatherings introduced them to the full cast and crew, setting the rules for engagement and interaction.

The filming stretched across multiple venues, with the process meticulously repeated to ensure a comprehensive capture of their experiences. The night before payment day involved a detailed interview, offering a chance to reflect on their portrayal and ensure fairness in the editing process. This meticulous and exhaustive filming strategy contrasted sharply with the relatively brief airtime each venue received, highlighting the intensive effort behind producing each episode.

Interview Transcript

When did you meet the other owners and what was the filming process like?

“The process wasn’t as we expected it to be. Filming for the show itself takes two weeks, we started at a hotel close to the first venue on the 8th September… all couples are kept apart throughout the filming to ensure there is no collaboration… We were met at our hotel at 7am by some of the crew… fitted with microphones… a Go-Pro was fitted to the windscreen… During the journey the crew asked a few questions which settled us down a bit… This was the first time we saw [The Bowling Green] so they had to film us arriving… We then had to hang around outside the hotel while the film crew made the final prep… Then a very smiley Mark Canny, who had previously been coached on how to greet the guests, walked up to us… This was the first time we met one of the other contestants… We were all gathered in the bar and told the rules, this was the first time we met all the contestants and film crew… The filming process was then repeated at the other venues over the two-week period… The night before payment day, we have a lengthy interview where we are asked if there has been anything we said during filming which we feel wasn’t fair and shouldn’t be included in the show…”

Maintaining Integrity: Ensuring Adherence to the Rules

Participating in “Four In A Bed” isn’t just about showcasing one’s accommodation; it’s about competing fairly under a set of established rules. James and Fiona navigated this aspect of the show with the constant awareness that everything was closely monitored.

We asked: How did they know if you were following the rules?

The vigilance of the production crew ensured that all participants adhered to the competition’s rules. James and Fiona, like all contestants, were equipped with microphones throughout the day, allowing the production team to monitor conversations and interactions. This constant surveillance was pivotal in maintaining the show’s integrity, ensuring that discussions between contestants did not breach the set guidelines.

Additionally, whenever contestants engaged in conversation, a crew member would subtly join them, further ensuring that the content of their discussions remained within the acceptable boundaries of the competition. This level of oversight was crucial in preserving the fairness and authenticity of the competition.

Interview Transcript

How did they know if you were following the rules?

“The microphones we were wearing would pick up anything being discussed, a sound man would pick up on any discussions outside the rules. Also, when two contestants were talking together, a member of the crew would always join the conversation to ensure that the subject under discussion was not related to the show.”

Scripted or Genuine? Navigating the “Four In A Bed” Dialogue

A common curiosity among viewers of reality TV is how much of the interaction is authentic versus guided or scripted by the production team. James and Fiona address this frequently asked question, shedding light on their personal experience with dialogue and interaction during their time on “Four In A Bed.”

We asked: Were you ever told what to say?

James and Fiona affirm that their participation in “Four In A Bed” was an experience marked by authenticity. They were never instructed on what to say throughout the filming process. This approach allowed the true character and genuine reactions of the contestants to shine through, albeit within the confines of a meticulously edited television format.

The absence of scripted dialogue underscores the show’s commitment to capturing the real dynamics between competing accommodation owners. However, James and Fiona acknowledge that the power of editing can significantly influence how these interactions are perceived by the audience, noting that the editing process can either highlight or soften the essence of their experience, depending on the narrative the producers wish to convey.

Interview Transcript

Were you ever told what to say?

“No, there is nothing staged but they film everything, so the editing can be cruel or kind as the ‘real you’ certainly comes out over the two-week period.”

Laughter Amidst Competition: The Funniest Moment on “Four In A Bed”

The journey through “Four In A Bed” was not just a series of competitive encounters and hospitality assessments for James and Fiona; it was also filled with moments of genuine laughter and light-heartedness. Among these, one incident stood out as particularly memorable for its sheer unexpectedness and comedic timing.

We asked: What was the funniest moment?

In the realm of reality TV, where tension can run high, it’s the spontaneous, unscripted moments that often leave a lasting impression. James and Fiona recall one such instance that not only broke the ice but also brought uncontrollable laughter to the participants.

During a segment that was supposed to showcase the serenity of sailing, an unexpected malfunction turned an ordinary scene into a memorable episode of pure comedy. This incident, involving a sailing boat and a series of mishaps, highlighted the lighter side of participating in a competitive show, reminding everyone involved that joy can be found in the most unexpected places.

Interview Transcript

What was the funniest moment?

“That’s an easy one. Whilst we did have some funny moments during filming, the funniest time was when we were in the sailing boat with Mark! We were laughing so much tears were rolling down our cheeks! When Fiona passed the tiller to Mark, the whole thing came away in his hand. Mark’s one-liners and innuendos just kept coming, he really should be on stage!!”

Navigating Awkward Waters: The Tense Moments of “Four In A Bed”

Participating in “Four In A Bed” brought its fair share of challenges and uncomfortable situations for James and Fiona. Beyond the laughter and camaraderie, there were moments that tested their composure and diplomacy.

We asked: Were there any awkward moments?

In the world of competitive reality TV, awkward moments are almost a given, and “Four In A Bed” was no exception for James and Fiona. The most tension-filled instance occurred during the infamous payment day, a pivotal part of the show where feedback is confronted, and financial valuations are revealed.

This particular moment was not just a test of their hospitality but also a challenge to their ability to handle criticism and conflict gracefully. The scenario involved a dispute over feedback, where emotions ran high, and the atmosphere became charged with discomfort. James and Fiona recount this experience as a stark reminder of the personal investment each contestant has in their property and the emotional weight carried by the feedback and valuation process.

Interview Transcript

Were there any awkward moments?
“There were plenty of them! By far the worst was during payment day. This is a very difficult day, we are all around one table, this is where the feedback given can be challenged. Not many people enjoy conflict and try to avoid it, but this is a situation where conflict can’t be avoided and must be dealt with head-on. Petra and Martin were very proud people, they work hard and have created a lovely B&B near to Hull. They had put one of the contestants in their best suite, the feedback was that there were cobwebs, the tiles in the bathroom looked like swimming pool tiles, and there wasn’t enough sockets. Clearly, Martin was angered by this, and Petra was very upset. The tiles were porcelain, and there were 14 sockets in the room, ‘How many do you need?’ was the response. Watching this argument with Petra in tears and clearly distressed was a very awkward moment.”

The Envelope Exchange: Unveiling the Payment Process

A quintessential element of “Four In A Bed” is the envelope exchange, a moment ripe with anticipation and speculation. Viewers and participants alike are often curious about the intricacies of this process, particularly regarding the source of the money exchanged.

We asked: Is it your own money you put in the envelopes?

James and Fiona address a common question about the show’s payment process, shedding light on a detail that is crucial yet not widely understood by the audience.

The envelope exchange, a pivotal moment in each episode, involves participants placing a cash payment that reflects their valuation of the stay. This gesture, symbolising their appraisal, is rooted in authenticity.

James and Fiona clarify that the money inserted into the envelopes indeed comes from their own resources. This aspect of the show underscores the personal stakes involved in the competition, as participants are not only assessing value but are also tangibly expressing their judgment through their financial contribution. This process adds a layer of sincerity to the competition, as each participant literally puts their money where their mouth is.

Interview Transcript

Is it your own money you put in the envelopes?

“Yes, It has to be your own money and your own decision as to how much you put in the envelope. All expenses are reimbursed, so you do get it back.”

Beyond the Competition: Maintaining Connections

The experience on “Four In A Bed” is not solely about competition; it’s also about the relationships forged in the unique crucible of reality TV. James and Fiona share insights into the connections made during their stint on the show and whether those have endured beyond the cameras’ gaze.

We asked: Are you still in touch with the other contestants?

James and Fiona reveal that the intense shared experience of participating in “Four In A Bed” led to unexpected, enduring connections with their fellow contestants. Despite the competitive nature of the show, the couples found common ground and mutual respect through their shared experiences, challenges, and the universal desire to showcase their businesses in the best light possible.

This camaraderie didn’t end with the final episode; instead, it blossomed into ongoing communication and support. James and Fiona discuss how they’ve maintained contact with the other participants, sharing updates and words of encouragement long after the cameras stopped rolling. This sustained interaction highlights the profound impact of their shared journey, transcending the competition to foster genuine relationships.

Interview Transcript

Are you still in touch with the other contestants?

“We have a WhatsApp Group and whenever the show is repeated, we send each other some banter. Mark still has Martin’s shirt, which he had to borrow for filming due to Mark only having a shirt with patterns on it that caused the film to pixelate! We really should meet up, and I am sure we will. We may travel to Manchester at Christmas time and stay at the Bowling Green, that would be a real treat. We were very lucky as the group of contestants we had were lovely. They were fair, there was no game playing, or not too much, you get some real horror contestants on the show, so we were lucky not to encounter any of those!”

Reflecting on the Experience: Would You Compete Again?

One of the most intriguing questions for anyone who has gone through the rollercoaster of reality TV is whether they would embark on that journey again. James and Fiona address this question, reflecting on their time on “Four In A Bed” and considering the possibility of a second round.

We asked: In good old “Four In A Bed” tradition – would you do the show again?

After participating in “Four In A Bed,” James and Fiona took a moment to reflect on their entire experience, from the initial decision to join the show to the lasting impacts it had on Redhill Holidays.

Despite the challenges, awkward moments, and the intensity of competition, their reflections reveal a deep appreciation for the journey and its outcomes. They acknowledge the unique opportunity the show provided them to showcase Redhill Holidays to a nationwide audience, the invaluable lessons learned, and the connections made with fellow contestants.

Considering these factors, James and Fiona share their thoughts on whether they would go through the experience again, weighing the benefits of exposure and personal growth against the stresses and demands of the competition.

Interview Transcript

In good old “Four In A Bed” tradition – would you do the show again?

“We owe the show a lot, that’s for sure. We have welcomed some lovely guests on the back of seeing the show on Channel 4. We certainly don’t have any regrets; in fact, the program has made us what we are, and we are very grateful to the film crew and staff for making it all happen. We were lucky; the weather was perfect, the contestants were all willing to give glamping a shot, and all of them enjoyed the experience. If the show did a ‘best of the best’ or ‘glamping v glamping,’ we would certainly, ‘come back.'”

Conclusion: The Journey Continues at Redhill Holidays

As we draw the curtain on James and Fiona’s remarkable journey through “Four In A Bed,” it’s clear that their adventure was more than just a competition. It was a testament to their dedication, passion, and the unyielding spirit that defines Redhill Holidays.

From the initial leap of faith to enter the show, through the laughter and challenges, to the enduring connections formed along the way, James and Fiona’s story is a compelling narrative of personal and professional growth.

Redhill Holidays, with its luxury domes nestled in the heart of the Hereford & Worcester countryside, stands today not just as a destination but as a beacon of the extraordinary journey embarked upon by its founders.

Their experience on “Four In A Bed” has enriched Redhill in ways beyond mere exposure, infusing it with a deeper sense of purpose and a reaffirmed commitment to offering an unparalleled glamping experience.

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