Redhill Holidays

Welcome to Redhill Holidays

To help you get the most out of your stay with us we have put together the following information.


  • Only burn the wood provided
  • Never cover the wood burner
  • Don’t place anything on the top of the wood
  • Don’t burn any packaging or other materials
  • Only open the door when you put wood on the
    fire, close the door immediately.
  • Don’t use the extractor fan with the fire lit.

How to light your fire - Top tips

  • For the easiest way to light a fire, use firelighters, kindling and DRY firewood.
  • Have a range of log sizes, starting the fire with smaller pieces and using the larger pieces for the long steady burn.
  • Airflow is crucial, so always place logs at a vertical angle with plenty of air gaps in between.
  • Give the logs time to burn and add more as required to build a good base to the fire. The more heat in the base, the easier it is to keep the fire going.

STEP 1– Take 8 pieces of kiln-dried kindling and stack neatly like a Jenga tower. Place a single Flamer into the middle of the kindling. At an angle, lie 2-3 smaller logs across the kindling.

STEP 2 – Light the Flamer and leave for about 5 minutes until it is burning well.

STEP 3 – Add 2-3 more logs at a vertical angle with good airflow between the logs and leave for a further 10-15 minutes.

 STEP 4 – Add 3-4 more logs until the fire has a good base.

Log Burner