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Terms & Conditions

All guests to our luxury glamping accommodation must be stated on booking and agreed with reception on arrival. On arrival, all guests must read the information book provided with site rules and instructions which must be adhered to during your time on site. Full payment for your stay is required as described below. Payment will not be accepted on arrival under any circumstances. The management reserve the right to refuse access to Redhill to any person or persons without giving reason. In extreme weather conditions the management reserve the right to take any necessary measures to the accommodation to ensure the highest standard of health and safety is adhered to.


The earliest arrival time is 3:00pm and accommodation must be vacated by 11:00am at the latest. The latest arrival time is 10:00pm. Any changes to these times need to be agreed with management.


Use of the hot tub will commence once the hot tub has been signed off by management.

We will endeavour to ensure that this process is completed in time for your arrival, however from time to time there may be a delay due to measures out of our control- this won’t affect your ability to check in to the accommodation.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in that the hot tub facility needs to be at the cleanest and safest standard possible between each customer use.

Guests need to read and adhere to the Hot tub rules which can be found in the information pack before the tub is used. By using the tub you must have agreed to the terms as documented.

Guests must read the guidelines in the information pack before they use the wood burner.

Only burn the wood we provide you with, this is supplied free of charge.

Do not cover the wood burner or place anything on the top of it or on the black metal area.

Keep the door closed unless you are putting more wood on the fire.

Guidance on lighting the fire is in the information pack however if you need help lighting the fire then please contact 07885803280.

Use of the fire is completely at the risk of the guests please be aware of the location of the fire extinguisher and fire blanket should it be required.


Please have respect for your neighbours at all times. You are asked to avoid creating excessive noise of any kind. Sound really carries up the valley so noise pollution is a huge risk, please keep music inside the pod.


No children or pets allowed on site without prior consent from the management.

We do not accept vans, trucks, commercial vehicles or any type of converted commercial vehicles on site. Each unit will have space for one vehicle to park and you will be shown where this is on arrival. Additional vehicles need to be agreed before arrival.

All rubbish must be disposed of in the bin provided and we ask that the pod and its decking area be left clean and tidy how you found them ready for the next guest to enjoy. Please do not burn any rubbish on the fire.

A barbeque is provided for your enjoyment please don’t use any other fire or disposable barbeque to cook food.

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t permitted to stay in the glamping accommodation and we must be notified of any support or guide dogs when making the booking. They must also be checked in at reception on arrival.

Smoking inside of the accommodation is not permitted.


Redhill holidays will not be held responsible for damage to, or theft of or from any accommodation or vehicles which are left on site. All property left is at the owners risk.

We cannot be held responsible for the safety of any guests or any equipment being used.


You will be required to read the disclaimer in your information pack before using a hot tub on site. If you would like a copy of these terms and conditions prior to your arrival, please contact me.

At check in you will be instructed and provided with materials that will support and advise you to help ensure you are able to take full advantage of your hot tub. It is your responsibility to abide by these settings and seek advice from management if in any doubt.

Maintenance team will carry out checks and necessary cleaning. Please inform us immediately if the hot tub needs attention. Please use the plastic glasses provided never use glass when you are using the hot tub. Please familiarise yourself with the hot tub rules which is in the information book, these must be read before you use the hot tub.


All bookings are subject to agreement with our terms and conditions.

We only allow up to 2 Adults per unit. Our accommodation is designed for a peaceful getaway, therefore groups, hen parties and stag parties must be agreed by the management at the time of booking. We do not offer full hire of the site for events/weddings or similar functions.


Payment will always be required in full upon booking if the booking is made within 2 months of the start date.

Bookings made beyond 2 months of the start date will require a 25% deposit with the final 75% payment made 30 days prior to the start date. Failure to pay the final 75% within 15 days of the start date will result in cancellation of the booking.


On booking the accommodation you will be required to tick a box which states you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions for Redhill holidays.

In the event of any breakages or damage to either the accommodation or its contents, you are required to inform the owner whilst you are on site. Failure to do so may lead to excess charges being made to the main occupant if deemed necessary to do so.


Redhill holidays takes pride in customer service and wants to ensure that everybody is happy in the event of not being able to stay with us.

Cancellations must be called in to the owner on 07885803280 or emailed to [email protected]

Any booking that is cancelled at any date up until 30 days prior to the holiday will be subject to a full refund.

Any booking that is cancelled between 30 -14 days prior to the holiday will be subject to a refund of the final payment, assuming it has been paid, however deposit payments are non-refundable if cancellation occurs within 30 days of the start date.

Any booking that is cancelled within 14 sdays of the holiday will not be subject to any refund.

If the final payment remains unpaid within 14 days of the start date the break will be cancelled and the deposit will be non-refundable.

Leaving the park early during your stay will not entitle you to a refund for the difference.

Refunds on the weather should only be considered should the park be forced to close, otherwise business will remain open as usual.