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Redhill Holidays provide luxury glamping domes with hot tubs in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.


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Whitbourne Circular Walk

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, there’s no shortage of stunning scenery to discover at Redhill Holidays. From rolling hills and lush green meadows to brooks and ancient woodlands, the surrounding countryside is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. And one of the best ways to immerse yourself in this natural beauty is by taking a leisurely walk along one of the many picturesque routes that crisscross the landscape.

At Redhill Holidays, walking is a beloved pastime among our glamping guests, and it’s easy to see why.

So, without further ado slip on your walking shoes, grab your camera, and get ready to discover the stunning scenery that awaits you at Redhill Holidays.

Distance: 6 miles. Estimated time : 3 hours

This is a very varied walk and encompasses woodland, meadows, the river Teme, and the pub at Whitbourne if you fancy some refreshments.

From the car park turn left up the hill. Follow the road up the hill. You will come to a semi-detached house on the left. Go past this and on the right, you will see a drive on your left. There are footpath signs on the gate. This is the drive to Pixhill Farm and is a foot and bridle path (blue discs). There are often sheep in the field so if the gate is shut please ensure you close it after you. If it is open, then please leave it open.

Head down the path and halfway down you will go through another gate. At that point head down the field to the small gate by the farmhouse. Go through the gate and head down keeping to the left of the greenhouse until you get to a small gap in the hedge.

Head down the path. It can be muddy as there are springs so pick the right footwear! The first part of the path has some steps on it. You will get to the bottom of the steps and there will be a track. Cross over this path and slightly to the right you will see another footpath sign sending you down the hill. At the bottom turn right and you will come to a footbridge.

Cross the bridge and turn left and head to the metal gate. Go through the gate turn right and then up the path through the woods. There will be a path off to the right halfway up the hill. Don’t take this path but keep on up the hill to the next path off to the right. 

The footpath then comes to a gate which is usually open. Head through this and turn left up the hill and you will reach a small lane. There will be farmhouse gates on the left. The view from here is fantastic. 

Head up the road and you will pass several lovely houses. You will come to a t-junction with a road sign on the left. 

Turn right at the T-junction and head down the road. It is a very quiet road and takes you down to a crossroads at the bottom of the hill.

Take the first left to Tedney and head up the hill. (If you go straight on this road it will take you to the village of Whitbourne and if you stay on the road you will eventually get to the pub if you want to do a shorter route.) 

Once you have taken the road to Tedney ( first left) walk along this road for about half a mile until you get to a footpath sign on the right hand side of the road. It goes through a metal gate and the path crosses directly from the gate to the woods on the other side of the field. The farmer cuts a tramline so it is usually easy to see where to go even if there are crops growing. Once you cross the field you will see a small metal gate into the woods. This has steps on the other side. Follow the path and it takes you down to the River Teme.

The River Teme rises in Mid Wales, south of Newtown, and flows southeast roughly forming the border between England and Wales for several miles through Knighton before entering England in the vicinity of Bucknell and continuing east to Ludlow in Shropshire. It is 130km long and joins the River Severn at Worcester. The weir at Knightwick, where the Talbot Pub is, was removed recently to allow the salmon to migrate back up the river to Tenbury.

Following the path down to the bottom of the hill. It then turns right and follows along the river until you get to a meadow. Follow along the meadow keeping the river on your left.  About two thirds of the way along the meadow there is a platform that people swim from in the summer.

Keep following the along the meadow and you will come to a gate which you can get round the side of. There is only one way to go and the path will meet a road. Keep following that and you will come into the village of Whitbourne and the church.  

St. John the Baptist Church in Whitbourne is Norman originally built in the 12th century and was extensively renovated in Victorian times. The tower of Whitbourne church houses six 18th century bells and a 16th century sanctus bell. It once served Whitbourne Court, next to the church, one of the Summer Palaces of the Bishop of Hereford in days gone by.  The church is beautiful inside and if it is open, it is worth a look.

As you pass the church keep on the road you will come to a T-junction. Head left up the hill. Halfway up the hill, there is a Commonwealth War Cemetery on your right. Keep on up the hill and you will come into the “newer part “of the village and the road junction at the village hall and the old school.

To go to Redhill take the right turn to Tedstone Delamere /Tedstone Wafer. If you want to go to the pub or village shop keep straight on and they are both only a couple of minutes walk down the road.

To go to Redhill follow the road until you pass a lovely old house called Acerage on your right, which has lots of flowers and vegetables growing. The road you are on veers to the left but take the road on the right. Just after the corner in the hedge is a stile. Go over the stile and head down the field keeping the hedge on your left hand side. For the eagle eyed you may be able to see the pods from here. The footpath comes to a kissing gate, go through that into the next field.

Keep heading in the same direction, there are arrows, and you will come to a metal gate with a stile next to it. Go over the stile and cross the field in roughly the same direction as you have been walking. There are the remnants of an old hedge and that is the line of the footpath. You will come to some trees with a large pond behind them. 

Turn left along the fence in front of these trees and pond then walk along the fence line. It is quite hidden but there is a stile in the trees which you should cross. Turn left after you cross the stile and there is a path that will bring you out in the field. It is a bit wet here but keep following the path and you will see a road with a small metal gate that opens onto it.

Go through the gate and cross the road where you will see another stile. This is a busier road than the others so take care when crossing as the cars can come quite fast. Walk down the field keeping the hedge on your left hand side. You will come to another stile and next to that a bridge. Go over the stile and not the bridge. Keep heading in the same direction keeping the small brook on your left hand side. You will come to a metal bridge and a giant redwood tree.

Do not cross the metal bridge. The actual footpath goes straight across the field but there is a fenced in area that follows the brook and most people use this. Climb the fence next to the giant redwood and keep following the path until you reach a gate. You will see the gardens of Whitbourne Hall over the brook on the left. There are lots of interesting trees like Cedars of Lebanon, Monkey Puzzle trees and the Victoria status symbols, the giant redwoods.

Go through the gate and then the kissing gate and turn left and walk past the lodge house. Do not turn up the drive to Whitbourne Hall. You will come to a style just after the concreted gateway into the field. 

Cross the style and follow the field along the fence line and you will come to another field. There is a style on the right of the big tree. Go across the style and keep following the fence line.

You will come to a stile on your right hand side about halfway along the fence. However, this path is often overgrown so we turn up the field following the tree line and fence and you will come to another style with a gate next to it. Cross the stile and head up to the telegraph pole.

Once at the telegraph poll head down the hill and you will come to a very old stone bridge. Cross the bridge, the brook is the Linceter Brook. You will see a gate and a style, go through the gate.

Once through the gate, there is a wooden bridge(mind the holes), and head straight up the hill. You will come into what seems like someone’s drive and there is a garage with a gym. It is a footpath so don’t worry. Head straight down the drive keeping the house on your left. You will see another drive to the left to Rose Cottage. Keep to the right and the drive will bring you onto the road. Turn left and keep on this road. You will walk up the hill where you will see the Redhill sign and you are back at the car park.

Thanks to James, Suzanne, Fizz, Buzz, and Arby for helping!

We hope you enjoy the walk.