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Redhill Holidays

Redhill Holidays provide luxury glamping domes with hot tubs in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.


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Escape the Everyday: The Perfect Glamping Break for Two

In the modern whirlwind of life, we often find ourselves caught in a relentless cycle of work, family responsibilities, and the never-ending digital buzz. This constant rush can take a toll on our relationships, leaving us longing for a little escape. Research even underscores this hankering, with a recent study by the Mental Health Foundation revealing that two-thirds of people in the UK report experiencing a mental health problem in their lifetimes, often due to stress. As a couple, it’s essential to step back from the daily grind, reconnect, and rejuvenate in a unique and luxurious setting. Cue the concept of ‘glamping breaks for two.’

Offering comfort steeped in extravagance, intertwined with the thrill of adventure, glamping breaks make for a perfect retreat to strengthen your bond. So why not consider a glamping break at Redhill Holidays, where we offer an exclusive blend of luxury, comfort, and adventure, set amidst the enchanting backdrop of the UK’s stunning sceneries?

Spoiler alert: By the end of this post, you might find yourself booking your dream getaway with us!

glamping break for two

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The Hustle and Bustle of Everyday Life

Work, family obligations, and digital overload are some of the most common stressors in our everyday lives. The daily rat race of chasing deadlines, attending endless meetings, and meeting work objectives can take a significant toll on our mental well-being. Simultaneously, family obligations – juggling the kids’ school schedules, managing household chores, and maintaining social commitments, can leave little room for personal relaxation or time for yourself.

To add fuel to the fire, the advent of technology while advantageous, has also led to digital overload. A constant influx of emails, social media notifications, and news updates can feel incessantly demanding. These stressors, if left unaddressed, can lead to burnout and strain relationships.

Therefore, it becomes paramount to step out of these routines and take a meaningful break. A glamping break for two, away from the hustle and bustle, can be the perfect answer to rejuvenate, rekindle, and reinvigorate your relationship while also giving yourself much-needed mental peace.

At Redhill Holidays, we provide just that – a luxurious escape cocooned in the heart of nature’s grandeur.

Why a Break is Essential

Taking a break together is more than just a luxury—it’s a necessity for couples striving to maintain a healthy relationship. Escaping your daily grind allows you to focus solely on each other, improving communication by providing the time and space to really listen and understand each other’s perspectives without the usual distractions and stressors.

Moreover, in the fast-paced world we live in, romance often takes a backseat. A glamping break for two can rekindle that spark, providing a romantic setting away from the humdrum of life, and offering opportunities for intimate moments that can help reignite the passion.

Lastly, shared experiences and memories are the building blocks of a strong relationship. Exploring new places together, facing and overcoming challenges, and simply enjoying each other’s company while surrounded by the beauty of nature, are experiences that create lasting memories.

These shared memories not only bring joy at the moment, but they also serve as a reminder of your bond and the good times you’ve had together, strengthening your relationship in the long run.

Therefore, a glamping break at Redhill Holidays is not just a vacation—it’s an investment in your relationship.

Why Choose Glamping

Glamping, a portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, offers an enticing blend of luxury and the great outdoors. It’s a unique concept that brings the comfort of a hotel into the heart of nature. For couples seeking a break, glamping offers a refreshing change of scenery without compromising on comfort or convenience.

Imagine roasting marshmallows over an open fire under a star-studded sky, waking up to the sound of birds chirping, and spending the day exploring the countryside. Now couple that with a luxurious, fully-furnished dome featuring a cosy bed, en-suite bathroom, outdoor kitchenette and even a hot tub for a relaxing soak after a day of adventure!

Glamping presents the perfect opportunity to escape the routine, immerse oneself in nature, and enjoy the adventure that glamping offers, all while basking in the comfort of luxury amenities. It’s the perfect balance between adventure and comfort – a retreat that provides a sense of being one with nature, without having to forgo the comforts of home.

A glamping break for two at Redhill Holidays, therefore, offers a unique, memorable, and intimate gateway, making it a great choice for couples looking to take a break from their everyday life and spend quality time together.

Why Redhill Holidays is the Perfect Destination

Redhill Holidays is a sanctuary nestled within the pristine countryside, offering a truly exceptional glamping experience. Our luxurious domes are designed with couples in mind, providing an intimate and exclusive haven, far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each dome is furnished to the highest standard, featuring a cosy log burner – perfect for those romantic, chillier nights.

What sets Redhill apart is our emphasis on privacy and relaxation. Each dome boasts a private balcony that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, allowing you to soak in the serenity of nature in solitude. Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, watching as the sun rises and bathes the countryside in a warm glow, or sipping a glass of wine in the evening as the sun sets, painting the sky with hues of orange and purple.

Beyond the dome, you’ll find a fully equipped outdoor kitchen where you can prepare meals together, adding a touch of adventure to your culinary experience. And after a day of exploring, what could be better than slipping into your private hot tub, gazing at the star-studded sky, and reflecting on the day’s adventures?

Whether you’re a couple seeking tranquillity, adventure, or a blend of both, Redhill Holidays provides a setting that is not just about accommodation, but about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Our aim is to offer a glamping break for two that is steeped in luxury, privacy, and exclusivity. So why wait? Book your break today and embark on the getaway of your dreams.


Here’s what our previous guests have to say about their experience at Redhill Holidays:

In conclusion, taking a break as a couple is not just an escape from the everyday routine, but a chance to rediscover each other and make unforgettable memories. Embrace the luxury, privacy, and exclusivity that Redhill Holidays provides and gift yourselves the glamping break for two that you truly deserve. With Redhill, you get more than just a change of scenery – you get a unique and enriching experience that will leave you longing for your return.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the echoing praises from our happy patrons. So why wait? Book your luxurious glamping break today and let Redhill Holidays be the backdrop for your next unforgettable story.

Ready to escape to Redhill Holidays …it’s just for you!

Don’t let the magic of Redhill Holidays stay as mere words on a screen. The serenity, luxury, and exclusivity we offer are best experienced in person. It’s time to break away from the humdrum of your routine and immerse yourselves in an unforgettable glamping break for two.

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