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Redhill Holidays provide luxury glamping domes with hot tubs in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.


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The Punch Bowl Walk

This post is a detailed guide to a scenic walk that takes approximately two hours and starts Redhill Holidays. The route takes you through the picturesque Tedstone Delamere and Upper Norton Farm, with amazing views along the way.

You’ll cross fields, pass through gates, and walk through woodlands, all while taking in the stunning countryside scenery. The post includes helpful tips and directions to ensure you don’t get lost and enjoy a great day out. So, grab your walking boots and get ready to explore the beautiful countryside around Redhill Holidays luxury glamping.

From the car park turn left up the hill. Follow the road up the hill. You will pass a semi-detached house on the left and come into the hamlet of Tedstone Delamere.

Keep following the road, it takes a sharp right at a lodge house. It then passes Tedstone Court with its Giant Redwoods. You will also see the small church of Tedstone Delamere on your right.

Just after a walled garden the road forks, please take the left fork up the hill. (The right fork is another walk to the lovely village of Clifton upon Teme). Keep on the road and you will come to another junction with a post box. Keep following the road straight, past Hill House

After about 100 yards you will see a style on your left hand side. Go over the style and you will see another style on your right very close. Go over that style.

The path now goes along the tree line through several fields and gates until you get to where the farmhouse is. This is Upper Norton Farm and the views are amazing.

At the end of the fence, you will see a style and a gate. Go through them following the path makers. You will go across a field in front of the house to a large gate. Go through this and follow the hedge along.

You will come to another stile on a little farm track. Go over the stile and through the gate opposite the syle. Cross over the field to another stile, as in the middle picture. This path in the next field follows along the left hand hedge and when you get to the end turn right and follow the hedge until you reach a style.

Go over the style and you will be in a field with big oaks in the middle. Sometimes this field is split in two by a fence ( as in the photo below) but either way the path is directly across the field in line with the big oaks. One of the oaks has a path marker on it. Follow the path until you reach a gate onto the road.

Go through the gate and turn down the hill. Follow the road for about a mile. You will pass by Lower Norton Farm( do not go down the farm road) and another farm with Hop Houses. Both are owned by the National Trust and are part of the Brockhampton Estate.

After about a mile after the gate you will come to a junction where the road turns left off to Crumplebury and The Green Cow Kitchen. Keep left and in the corner, just before the green sign for the Green Cow Kitchens there is a style. Watch the step as it can be a bit wobbly.

Walk diagonally across the field, you can see the pods and Redhill from here. You will come to a gateway, go through this and you will see a little walkway into the next field.

When we took the pictures the field after the walkway was ploughed (picture 3 above) but it may not always be. The path goes diagonally across the bottom third of the field down to the trees. At the bottom, you will find a bridge. 

Cross this bridge and you are on Badley Wood Common which is the bit of woodland you see below the pods.

Once across the bridge, you need to turn right and follow the path until you come to a small junction with another path. Turn left and head up the hill. Do not turn off and you will come to a grassy T-junction. Turn right, and as you come out of the trees turn left up to the small road.

Turn right at the small road and then turn left at the post box that looks like a hen house. Do not go up the drive to the house but keep right of the wooden posts and white electric fence. This is common land but as there is no cattle grid so people on the common can put up temporary fencing to keep animals from going on the roads. 

Follow up the fence and then carry on up for about 20 meters and you will send a hill with bracken on the left hand side. There is a path up there. If you go back into a tree covered part you have gone too far.

Climb the hill and follow the path around, it goes up then slightly right then left again. You will come to a small junction, keep right heading up the hill. Follow the path and you will come to the gate where you can see the pods.

I hope you enjoyed the walk.

Thanks to James, Lily, and Fizz for their help!